Who are the courses for?

PROUD Ropes Courses

The programs in ropes courses are designed for all visitors who like motion and who want to liven up their leisure time. Level of difficulty of obstacles is marked similarly to ski slopes. E.g. blue = easy, red = intermediate, and black = advanced. Each center tries to offer something to both, little children and adults as well. Therefore the level of difficulty and the content is adjusted according to visitor’s convenience and wish. The age limit for participation in the program is the age of six at least; the limit for the eldest visitor isn’t set. PROUD Ropes Courses aren’t meant to be the adrenalin challenges. It is supposed to be much more about common experience, pleasant atmosphere and happiness as the climbers manage to deal with smaller or bigger challenge.

Little Climbers courses

These courses are designed for the children from the age of 3 up to 11. For our little visitors we have prepared a big amount of attractive ropes obstacles along the adventurous trail. They do not have to train any kind of belay because there are safety nets under all the obstacles.