What clothes should I wear?

PROUD Ropes Courses and Little Climbers courses are outdoor centers which offer to spend leisure time actively. Therefore it’s advised to choose suitable clothing. It is also necessary to check the current weather forecast for the date of your visit.

In the summer it is recommended to wear T-shirts (tank tops aren’t suitable), shorts, cap, cycling gloves with short fingers to protect your palms from the ropes and sunglasses.
In colder months it is better to wear warm clothes in more layers (usually three layers – lightweight base layer, second layer which helps to keep the moisture away from the base layer and finally an outlayer which defends you against the wind or rain), cap and gloves. Find more info at ‘Be sure to take’.

What shouldn’t I bring?

It’s better not to bring any valuables, jewellery, chewing gum or any candies.

Who is responsible for the clients?

Ropes course provider is responsible for clients and visitors during their program. Clients‘duty is to follow operating instructions and instructions of the course staff.

What does the cost of the program include?

What happens in bad weather?

… and the program hasn’t started yet:

If it is raining or it is going to rain, the best thing to do is call the ropes course office and arrange postponing or cancellation of the program. Anyway it is important to call as early as possible (2 hours before the program starts is the latest possibility) so as we manage to call off the instructors.

…and the program is already on:

If it starts raining during the program, you either wait for a while in case it is just a rain shower, and then you continue; or if you agree on ending of the program you only pay for the time you’ve spent in Ropes course center (you are charged for every half an hour).

How old should I be to participate?

PROUD Ropes Course

The program and the obstacles are designed for participants from the age of 10. The above age limit isn’t specified (every single participant should take into his / her own consideration his ability to participate). There are also exceptions, when the children between 5 – 10 years old may take part in the program as well. In that case they must be supervised by an adult, and it is important to count on the fact, that harder individual obstacles and high team obstacles would be difficult to obtain for such young climbers. For younger children (6 and less) there are special programs and events. They are offered either as a part of preschool activities or as a family event.

Little Climbers course

The center is designed for children between 3 – 11 years old. Children may look forward to loads of obstacles, that they have to climb over along the rope trail, e.g. spider web, bat bridge or monkey trail and they may finish their journey on the slide or on the popular zip line. Children are secured with safety nets for the whole time.

What can I buy in PROUD Ropes Courses?

During the program you may buy refreshments (soft drinks, biscuits, sweets).

Is booking necessary?

Entry without booking

If the opening hours say Entry without booking, it isn’t necessary to book the visit in advance. In the ropes course there is always an instructor who shows you everything and tells you what to do. Programs which are unnecessary to book in advance are suitable for: individuals, couples or groups.

Entry only with advance booking

If the opening hours say Entry only with advance booking, it is necessary to book the visit in advance. In that case the group of visitors gets their instructor who guides them through the whole program. You may book the program via on-line forms which are attached to every kind of program, by email or on the phone. If you want to make quick visit (that day), it is better to book the program on the phone. BE CAREFUL: in several months it is necessary to make the reservation in sufficient advance. Programs which are necessary to book in advance are suitable especially for: bigger groups, family occasions, company day, school trips, etc..

Check the opening hours of the specific center. To learn more about opening hours of each center click here.